HIRING: Project Finance Consultant (Remote)

Marcfields-Capital Management corporate doctrine is solely concentrated on three core principles: Management, Analysis, and Research for the fostering and preservation of financial and social returns. We enable the likelihood of funding a particular deal or transaction with the most appropriate source of capital at reasonable and acceptable terms. Business owners at start-ups and middle-market companies face tight market timing pressures when building new ventures or managing operations with the risk and uncertainty of raising private capital. We work with you to minimize the risk, and uncertainty associated with the complexity of funding new and emerging middle-market ventures. In this world of cyclical economic change and adjustment of fiduciary commitments, the simple concept of corporate opportunity lies on three general objectives as the determination to whether such opportunity belongs to a corporation rather than to a delegate within an organization: the line of business; the interest or expectancy; and the equal opportunity.

As Project Finance Consultant, you will own and drive the project leadership, manage specific workstreams, develop plans & strategies, and execute against the plan working in partnership with the financing parameters. The primary objective is to ensure the integrity and success of the finance function, achieving steady measurable progress toward defined goals; the efficient execution of project management practices; reporting; monitoring and measurement of success metrics.

The sponsor establishes and invests capital in the project company, which will serve as the borrower. The project company signs contracts with various parties involved in the project. The project company signs a loan agreement with the financial institutions and borrows funds for the completion and operation of the project. The project company uses cash flows that are generated from the project to repay the loan.

Title: Project Finance Consultant
Location: Remote
• Collaborate with clients around the globe to determine project parameters
• Monitor the progress of each project stage and facilitate necessary interventions
• Evaluate project terms, risk, and viability
• Structuring and Arrangement
• Lead negotiations among sponsor and related parties

• Bachelor’s degree in project management, business administration, or a related discipline
• A minimum of 5 years’ experience in project consultancy
• Extensive industry knowledge
• Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
• Excellent leadership skills
• Ability to collaborate with a variety of stakeholders

Structure of Commission

• Target Profit: USD $500,000+$1 and above | Rate: 10.00%
• Target Profit: USD $500,000-$1 and below | Rate: 20.00%